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NineStar is the best online resource to learn all about 9 Star Ki Astrology. 9 Star Ki is an ancient system of astrology, largely unknown in the west, but slowly regaining popularity. It is simpler yet deeper and more intuitive than the zodiac and can offer some quite astonishing insights into our nature and the many cycles that influence our lives.
Originating from China, this 4000-year-old system of astrology is possibly the oldest in the world

9 Star Ki (pronounced 'key', which is the Japanese word for subtle energy or life-force) is possibly the oldest system of astrology in the world today. Originating in China, it is closely related to the 4000-year-old Book of Changes - the 'I Ching' - whose principles are the foundations of Feng Shui, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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Explore your personal chart and your relationships in greater depth and detail with a one-to-one 9 Star Ki consultation.

9 Star Ki is a great tool to help elucidate some of the subtle yet fundamental energetic forces that influence the dynamics of our relationships and can help to reduce feelings of frustration as well as removing or reducing blame and judgment.