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Use this simple but powerful calculator to determine your or a loved one's 9 Star Ki personal chart. Our calculator is one of the most accurate and detailed calculators available, as it uses a little known but important factor when determining a person's chart. Try it now for free!
Originating from China, this 4000-year-old system of astrology is possibly the oldest in the world

9 Star Ki (pronounced 'key', which is the Japanese word for subtle energy or life-force) is possibly the oldest system of astrology in the world today. Originating in China, it is closely related to the 4000-year-old Book of Changes - the 'I Ching' - whose principles are the foundations of Feng Shui, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

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9 Star Ki Personal Chart

The 9 Star Ki personal chart is comprised of three numbers, each from 1 to 9, resulting in 81 unique character profiles, spanning nine years.

First Number - Fundamental Energy / Adult Persona

The first number is determined by the year we were born and corresponds to our fundamental nature; the way we essentially view and make sense of the world. It is the Energy most strongly associated with our adult selves and only becomes relevant after the age of 18. Before that, this is determined by the second number.

Second Number - Character Energy / Inner Child

The second number is determined by the month in which we were born and corresponds to our deeper, more emotional nature or inner child. This is typically only revealed when we establish a closer connection with someone. It is often the Energy that is expressed when we are emotional or distressed in some way. It is also the predominant Energy of children, until the age of 18, when we complete the first two nine year cycles of our life.

Third Number - External Persona

The third number corresponds to our external persona; the first impression we often give to the world. It also has a greater influence on how we tend to act socially.

The unique blend of all 3 numbers creates 81 distinct personalities

The unique blend of all three numbers creates 81 distinct profiles and influences our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, our emotions, the way we process information and make sense of the world around us. It also has a major influence on the way we interact with others (there is more information on this in the Five Elements section). None of the Energies or profiles are inherently superior or inferior to any other. Each Energy represents a unique expression of the divine and symbolises a specific stage in the cycle of light and dark; of birth and death.

9 Star Ki is uncannily accurate

9 Star Ki is uncannily accurate, despite individual upbringings and cultural differences. It is natural to find some attributes associated with our Energy more flattering than others. In 9 Star Ki, it is understood that our strengths are inextricably linked to our vulnerabilities. Nobody can be and do all things. Our 9 Star Ki personal chart exerts a significant influence over our potential and the attributes that are most likely to be expressed both when we are in balance and when we are out of balance.

That being said, some people may feel their chart does not accurately portray them. This is especially true when some of their potential is blocked. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules and there can be hidden factors at play that are hard to predict.